NRA Certified Pistol Instructor / Class 1 FFL Dealer

About Me

Hello Everyone! 

I am Shannon Brown and I am the Owner / Operator of "Good Works" located in McCook, Nebraska.  I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer due to an injury I received in the "Line of Duty".  I have an extensive background in Law Enforcement and Security and I want to share my knowledge and talent with others who want to learn about firearms and exercise their right to bear arms if they so desire. 

Firearms are not for everyone, but you will never know if they are for you unless you find a good instructor who will show you how to respect and properly use firearms.  It's then that you can begin experiencing the passion and hobbies that many people enjoy today through hunting, competitive shooting, or just plinking and target shooting.  Finally, with respect to the issue of Self Defense, I hope and pray that the day will never come where anyone will have to use a  firearm for anything other than recreational use, but I will help prepare you should the need ever arise. 

I look forward to working with you soon.  We'll see you at the range!